Successful Sales Technique
Successful Sales Technique involves the use of direct mail to generate leads for your sales force, and if you re hunting for an offer that will motivate prospects to respond to your mailings, how about asking your sales force for some advice?

Your best sales people know what to say to prospects to close sales. Different folks need different closes. You can take these closing techniques and make them your direct mail offers.

For example, certain buyers are short on cash. They prefer extended payment options, such as leasing or vendor-supplied financing. Your best sales people will often close these prospects with an offer of interest-free financing. So make free financing your offer in your direct mail piece. A closing technique that consummates a sale is likely to persuade a potential customer to start the buying process by responding to a similar offer.

Other potential buyers are more concerned with negotiating a deal. They want a bargain. Your more successful sales people know that the best way to close these types of prospects is to use a drop close (a closing technique where the sales rep asks for the order by dropping the price). So offer a discount in your direct mail lead generation piece.

Other potential clients are motivated by fear. They fear making a poor buying decision that will look bad on their annual review, or embarrass them in front of their colleagues. Ask your sales people how they close prospects like this. You may discover that the best close is the one that feature a money-back guarantee, or an extended free parts and labour warranty at no extra charge, or a free demo. Each of these closes has the potential of being an effective offer.

By matching your front-end direct mail offer with a proven closing technique, you should generate more leads, close more business, and increase the quality of leads that you hand over to your sales people.